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My Weight Live is an interactive TV show on Facebook for people who want science-based information about weight and health from medical experts.  

Each show, there’s a free giveaway (usually recipes or meal planning ideas) for everyone who answers the trivia question or leaves a comment. You can ask questions during the show and have the chance to get your questions answered by our expert guest LIVE… and you’ll also get to interact with other viewers in the comments. Join the community of people just like you who are focused on living their best life through good health. Here are a few comments from people who’ve watched previous shows: 

“Great information, a lot of common sense. I enjoyed the presentation, thank you.” Clara E.
“Enjoyed the talk very much. Very informative as usual!”- Slyvia O.
“Thank you for this information. I really appreciate getting different views because what works for one person may not work for the other.” Fiorina H.
“I love the information you are providing…thank you”- Krista M.

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With so many items labeled “health food” these days, it can be hard to decide if a food is truly healthy or simply a marketing ploy. On this episode of My Weight Live, we talk about processed foods and the impact they can have on someone’s body weight. And answer our trivia questions to get some delicious healthy recipes!


Emotional eating is a challenge for many people– on this episode of My Weight Live, we talk with therapist Katie Raskin about how to make peace with food. (and around the 36 minute mark, we talk about the right approach for parents and grandparents of overweight kids…)


On this fantastic episode of My Weight Live, Dr. Judy Shiau, MD shares the facts behind common questions about weight. We cover liver detox, hypothyroidism, the size of fat cells and more in this myth-busting show!!


In this fantastic episode, we talk with psychologist Ann Goebel-Fabbri about emotional eating and how to manage it. Answer our trivia question and get a free guide to healthy meals on the go! 


On this fantastic episode of My Weight Live, dietitian Danielle Aldous joins us to talk about strategies that can make it easier to eat healthy. Get her thoughts on why the size of your plate can make a big difference, the foundations of a healthy diet, and more!

In this episode of My Weight Live, we talk with Dr. Michael Vallis, a health psychologist, about emotional eating. This is a fascinating interview, covering everything from what to do about trigger foods, to handling unsupportive family members to why everyone needs to find their answers deep within… watch and learn today!

“How do I figure out which diet is right for me?” This is the question we tackle with dietitian Melinda Maryniuk in this fantastic episode of “My Weight Live.” Leave a comment and get our healthy chocolate guide for free…”


In this fantastic episode of My Weight Live, Dr. Michael Lyon talks about what it REALLY takes to lose weight and keep it off: self-compassion, meal prep, planning and more.

Dietitian Melinda Maryniuk shares ten tips for managing cravings; Obesity Canada Public Engagement Coordinator Ian Patton talks about his own journey with food addiction and a fitness professional shares a breathing exercise to help get through stressful times in this new episode of My Weight Live!

In this “My Weight Live” episode, Dr. Laura Reardon talks with us about what has been proven to work for managing weight in the long-run and answers viewers’ questions about their challenges with weight loss and health.


In this fascinating interview, we talk Dr. Michael Lyon about what the science behind weight loss (including vitamin B12 deficiency) and he shares his own personal experience of being a heavy kid and struggling with binge eating disorder. Learn why being mindful can help with emotional eating and why to never let yourself get too hungry. These are AMAZING tips from a world-renowned weight expert. (and we had some technical difficulties at the beginning– video begins at 0:12!!)


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