About Us

My Weight- What to Know was started by me, Ansley, and my husband Fred. I’ve worked in healthcare for the last fifteen years, and one of the things that has always frustrated me is that often the latest research and insights don’t make its way to the people who need it most.

In 2015, Fred and I launched an educational website for people with type 2 diabetes. Neither of us have diabetes, but we’ve seen many people with diabetes who have used the motivation of being diagnosed to change their lives and become healthier than they were before they were diagnosed. We wanted to give every person with diabetes the tools they need to do just that through our educational videos and a supportive online community. You can see it here, if you’d like to learn more.

Most recently, we decided to create a similar resource for people dealing with excess weight. Food, weight and health are issues that affect EVERYONE, but so often we don’t get the whole story about how our bodies (and our brains!) work when it comes to weight. Our goal is to share insights from the experts who are on the cutting edge of the latest research on what causes weight gain, what really works for weight loss, and how we can shape our environment to make the healthiest choices.

This is a site dedicated to education which does not promote specific branded products. We are driven by our passion to make health information available and understandable so that everyone can live a long, healthy life.


Melinda Maryniuk is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. She has worked in the field of diabetes education for nearly 40 years and has spent nearly 30 affiliated with Joslin Diabetes Center. Melinda received her Masters of Education from Tufts University. In her spare time (in addition to cooking and eating, which most dietitians love to do), Melinda loves any excuse to be outdoors – biking, kayaking, skiing, hiking or just getting dirty in the garden.


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