Seeing a medical professional who specializes in weight management can be really helpful for many people living with obesity and excess weight. We’ve put together this list of physicians / clinics to help you find treatment and support resources in your area.


If there are no physicians near you, search for the largest city in your province and see if there are any physicians there who offer virtual appointments. Click here to read an article explaining why virtual visits are an easy and convenient way to see a weight management specialist.

Not all services provided by these clinics or individual healthcare professionals listed are necessarily covered by public health plans. Some services may require a referral from your healthcare provider. These resources may charge additional fees or dues… please contact them for more information. We do not endorse the services or individuals listed on this site.

If there isn’t a physician near you, check out Constant Health, a virtual program that offers one-on-one support. For a limited time, there’s no charge if your doctor provides a referral. Please click here to learn more.

If you’re a healthcare professional who would like to be added to this directory, contact us here.

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