My Weight Live: The Science of Weight Loss

Missed our episode about the science behind weight loss & how our weight impacts our health with Endocrinologist Dr. Smiley-Byrd? Read a summary below of the main takeaways:

– When we lose weight…

  • The appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin increases.
  • Appetite-suppressing hormones decline. Our metabolism declines.
  • This is why weight management can be so difficult, and isn’t your fault!

– Losing 5% of your overall body weight is a great initial goal. Just 5% weight reduction improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while also being a feasible objective for most people.

– There are many FDA-approved weight loss medications available today. If used alongside a healthy lifestyle, they can help your weight loss efforts be more successful.

– When you partner with a physician, weight loss is much more do-able. Accountability is key, which is why bringing a family member or friend to appointments can be helpful!

– It can be hard to bring up weight with your doctor. Dr. Smiley-Byrd suggests getting the conversation started with something simple like, “Hey, I’d like to lose weight. What are some of the options that I should explore?” Making an appointment to talk about only this issue is also a good idea. Finding a doctor who specializes in weight management can make a huge difference. To find one near you, click here.

– Long-term, sustainable behavior change is crucial. Short-term fixes do not last and lead to weight regain. Achieving good health is a journey, not a race!

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