My Weight Live Podcast: Keeping The Weight Off For Good

The My Weight– What To Know podcast covers all aspects of what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. We talk to psychologists, dietitians and physicians about strategies and treatments available for reaching our best weight in a sustainable way.

Episode description:

Medical expert Dr. Sean Wharton covers how to prevent weight re-gain, how to plan ahead to minimize cravings & the psychological and medical treatments available for obesity!

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Episode notes:

The two most important questions to ask yourself when working on maintaining your weight are: why are you losing weight and who are you doing it for? 

The most successful plans for keeping weight off over the long-term involves a combination of eating healthy, physical activity, psychological intervention, and establishing a medical treatment plan with your healthcare team to help you manage your weight.

Be aware of vulnerable times when you are more likely to overeat, and have an alternate plan so you are not  as susceptible during these situations. Make changes in your life to avoid the triggers in your life that can cause a setback.

Bias and stigma toward obesity exists and it’s important to have compassion for individuals. Weight is not a matter of willpower– genetics, biology and environment play a role in determining a person’s weight.

Remember even just maintaining your weight means you’ve improved your health! Being ‘stuck’ in a plateau is not negative. For help with reaching your best weight, reach out to a weight management medical expert.

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