My Weight Live: All About Heart Health

In this episode, cardiologist Dr. Joseph Hill shared the dangers of heart disease and what steps we can take to improve our heart health. Watch here:

Read our five takeaways below from the show:

  1. There are a handful of heart health numbers everyone should be aware of, whether or not you are at high-risk of heart disease. Dr. Hill recommends we track:
    • Blood pressure.
    • LDL cholesterol.
    • Glucose numbers.
    • Our weight.
  2. Women are just as likely to develop heart disease as men. 1 in 4 women will die of heart disease, compared to 1 in 40 who will die of breast cancer. Both men & women have the same symptoms, however women start showing signs on average ten years later than men – typically after menopause.
  3. A subspecialty of cardiology, known as preventative cardiology, is the care provided by health experts that provide lifestyle advice, medications, dietary expertise, etc. to help prevent heart disease in at-risk patients. If you think this may be helpful to you, check it out!
  4. Obesity is considered to be a major cause of heart disease. Adipose tissue, also known as fatty tissue, that surrounds major organs like the heart or liver is more likely to contribute to obesity and heart disease.
  5. Your heart disease prevention plan should start as early as possible. According to Dr. Hill, cholesterol in our arteries starts to build up in elementary school and continues to do so during adulthood. Take the necessary steps that are effective for you, whether it’s weight management, medication, or other forms of treatment.

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