My Weight Live: A New Approach for Weight Loss

For anyone who wants to reach a healthier weight, weight management expert Dr. Tasneem Sajwani explains what’s been proven to work, how weight loss can improve our health, and why it’s time to stop relying on unsustainable commercial diets that “get us somewhere temporarily but eventually leave us with disappointment.” Watch this show here:

Our summary of the show:

  1. When approaching weight loss, Dr. Tasneem Sajwani urges against “fad diets” as they are only a temporary weight loss method which are typically extremely restrictive and unsustainable.
  2. There is a reason why so many people report gaining weight back after a sudden/fast weight loss. According to Dr. Sajwani, when we reduce our weight, especially in a restrictive way, our body naturally gets hungrier and becomes efficient working with the decreased amount of calories consumed. This outcome is what eventually stops reducing weight and even encourages its increase.
  3. There are many tools available for those struggling with weight. Dr. Sajwani mentions these main treatments as the most effective methods:
    1. Nutritional management takes into account the patient’s lifestyle and palette to create doable & sustainable nutrition plans that cater to each individual.
    2. Managing behavior changes such as sleep, stress, emotional regulation, and our relationship with food will help to encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors that will aid in weight loss.
    3. Physical activity in any form such as walking, swimming, dancing, etc is better than none at all. Take it slow and work your way up to finding what exercise regimen works best for you.
    4. Pharmacotherapy utilizes medication to help treat obesity and weight-related illnesses.
    5. Bariatric metabolic surgery, despite its reputation, has advanced greatly in the medical field and has shown to be effective in treatments for both obesity and weight-related illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, etc. 
  4. When approaching weight loss as a “new years resolution,” it is important to remember that there’s no “quick fix” to solve long term weight problems. It is a journey that requires effort to understand the options available, conversations with healthcare providers, and the creation of a specific weight loss plan.
  5. One of Dr. Sajwani’s recent accomplishments include the formal acknowledgement and recognition of obesity as a chronic illness under the Alberta Medical Association. This has been an amazing advancement with great importance that has allowed healthcare professionals to formally create prevention plans, invest in obesity research and education within medical schools, provide adequate patient access, and more.


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For many people, diet and exercise alone are not enough to reach a healthier weight. There are now safe and effective non-surgical medical treatments that have been proven to help people be successful over the long-run. Talk to your doctor or check out our physician locator to find a doctor near you who specializes in the medical treatment of weight.

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