As a dietitian, I am often asked, “What’s the best __ (bread, crackers, cereal…) for me to eat?” While there is no “best” option, we want to offer you some “good-for-you” selections, and share some tips on how you can judge different foods for yourself. As a general rule – the fewer ingredients, the better, as it’s probably less processed. Check the nutrition facts label to see how the food fits in your calorie and carbohydrate budget, & always aim to minimize sodium and saturated fat, while maximizing fiber. Certainly, taste is important. (If you don’t like it, don’t bother!) Price is also a consideration. With so many different products available, this guide will give you some great options on yogurt/cottage cheese, pasta sauce, frozen desserts, breakfast cereal, & snack bars.

Check out What’s the Best Choice? Part 1 for suggestions for bread, crackers, breakfast items and savory snacks.

It’s important to stress that for many people, diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to reach a healthier weight. The good news is that there are safe and effective medical treatments available that can address the biological issues that make sustained weight loss difficult. To find a physician near you who specializes in weight management, click here.

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Find a physician near you who specializes in weight management.