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You have a friend that has lost 25 lbs on Keto, your hairstylist swears Whole 30 is the best thing that has ever happened to her and your mom just called to tell you someone from her book club is having success with intermittent fasting. There are so many diets out there, choosing the one that works best for you can feel incredibly overwhelming. Luckily, our registered dietitian Melinda Maryniuk has created objective reviews of several of the most popular. Browse through our “dietitian’s review” library and get the facts you need to make the most informed decision about the diet that fits best into your lifestyle. 

A Dietitian’s Review: Intermittent Fasting

A Dietitian’s Review: The Keto Diet

A Dietitian’s Review: The Plate Method

A Dietitian’s Review: The Volumetric Diet

A Dietitian’s Review: Weight Watchers (WW)

A Dietitian’s Review: South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet

The Dietitian’s Review: The Paleo Diet

A Dietitian’s Review: The Mediterranean Diet

A Dietitian’s Review: The DASH Diet

A Dietitian’s Review: Calorie Counting

A Dietitian’s Review: The Whole 30

Note: There are many approaches to weight loss that can be successful for people.  My Weight– What to Know does not recommend a particular diet, but is happy to share facts about a variety of approaches. As with all meal planning approaches, regular exercise is recommended.

Eating a healthy diet and being active are both really important for being healthy, but for many people diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to help them reach their weight-loss goals. If this sounds familiar, read this fascinating article about what to do when diet and exercise aren’t getting you to where you want to be.

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