Five Minute Fitness Challenge

Dr. Michael Vallis, a registered health psychologist, considers himself a runner, but that doesn’t mean he always feels like going on his morning run. Sometimes his to-do list is long and a run doesn’t feel manageable. Other times, he just doesn’t feel motivated to lace up his shoes and get going. On those days, he tells himself he only has to do 5 minutes. If he still wants to stop after five minutes, he can – no guilt and no regrets. Most of the time, though, once he is out on his run, he ends up going for a lot longer than the five minutes he set out to do at the start. “Usually,” he says, “just getting started is the hardest part.” 

Telling yourself that you only have to do something for five minutes makes a task feel super attainable, that’s why we have created a ten day, five-minute challenge! For ten days in a row, commit to at least five minutes of exercise. It can be a walk outside, a dance around the house, five minutes of an exercise video on youtube… anything! Once you’ve completed your five minutes mark it on your chart. If you end up feeling excited to keep going, great! If not, that’s fine too! You only have to do five minutes a day for ten days to complete the challenge. 

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