My Weight Live: Reaching Our Best Weight


Did you miss our episode on how to reach your best weight? Read the 5 main takeaways from our discussion with Dr. Yoni Freedhoff below…

  1. Best weight is whatever weight you reach while living the healthiest life you honestly enjoy. You couldn’t happily eat less or happily exercise more, and whatever your weight falls at, that is your best weight.
  2. When trying to lose weight, ask yourself, “Do I like the life I’m living? Could I continue living this way?”. If there’s suffering or restriction involved, the weight management approach you’re trying doesn’t tend to last.
  3. More willpower is not the answer to weight loss. If everyone could succeed with just trying hard enough, obesity wouldn’t be an issue today.
  4. If you feel like you can’t “get off of your plan” to eat a slice of pizza or cake with family, ask yourself, “What would I tell a friend who was expressing concerns about living their life this way?”. Most likely, you’d tell the person that in order to sustain this long-term, they may need to relax, letting go of the all-or-nothing mindset.
  5. Weight loss medications have the ability of leading to 10-20% deductions of one’s total present weight. Try asking your doctor about these treatments.
  6. If you’re in Canada, check out ConstantHealth.ca: Dr. Freedhoff’s virtual program that offers one-on-one weight management support. For a limited time, there’s no charge if your doctor provides a referral. Please click here to learn more.

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