What To Do When… “There’s No Doctor Near Me!”

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Many people across Canada are recognizing that managing excess weight is not as simple as just “having more willpower.” In fact, Dr. Sue Pedersen, an obesity specialist in Calgary, says, “diet and exercise alone are not enough for most people living with excess weight.” That’s why seeing a physician and receiving medical treatments can make such a huge difference and enable the success we’re looking for. 

Finding a physician who specializes in obesity management isn’t easy though, particularly if you live in a remote area. Fortunately, the flourishing of telemedicine and virtual care has been one of the real silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the physicians (almost 75%!) on our comprehensive list of physicians in Canada who are medically managing obesity offer some form of virtual care, usually either visits via phone or video. If according to the locator, there’s not a doctor with a physical office near you, here’s what to do:

Search for physicians in the city closest to you that is in your province and see which of those physicians offer virtual appointments. 

Make sure that the physician you choose is in your province, as this is critical for coverage. And as you look for a physician, don’t be afraid to ask questions to find the physician and the practice that is right for you. Some of the questions you may want to ask include:

* What type of virtual interaction do you offer? (would it be via phone or video?)

* How long of a wait is it for an appointment?

* How many visits should I expect to have? (Or… how long do patients typically stay under your care?)

* What are the costs I need to be aware of?

You’ll still need a referral for most of the physicians listed (we recommend calling the office to find out what is required), but don’t limit yourself to care that’s in your neighborhood. There are physicians throughout your province that are eager to help and are just a phone or video call away! Another important note: not all services provided by these clinics or individual healthcare professionals listed are necessarily covered by public health plans. These resources may also charge additional fees or dues. Please contact them for more information. For more information about how to work with your insurance to get coverage for obesity treatments, click here

Here’s why it’s worth it: Jodi had tried different diets and exercise programs for so many years with no success. It wasn’t until she found a doctor who specialized in helping people manage obesity that she was finally able to successfully lose weight and keep it off. As she puts it, “When I finally found a doctor who got it, who understood what I was going through, that made all the difference.” 

And if you’re a little intimidated by the idea of talking to a doctor about weight loss, don’t be. This article has lots of great information about what to expect when you’re seeking medical attention for excess weight.

Finding a doctor who specializes in helping people reach a healthier weight can make a huge difference on your health journey. To find a weight management physician near you, click here.

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