Free Resources Available Now

In the uncertain times we’re experiencing right now, it’s important to focus on things we CAN do, as so many other elements of life are out of our control. Here are some free activities that you can do while staying safe at home…


Peloton – Free 90-day subscription for exercise and meditation.

Corepower – Free at home yoga classes, all different levels.

Glo – Free yoga for all levels, meditation and pilates.

MadFit – A great YouTube channel with a plethora of free workouts, beginner to advanced.

Exhale – Free 30-day subscription to barre, cardio, and yoga classes.

Fit On– Always free, workouts you can do anywhere

PopSugar – Free workouts, all different types.

Row Republic – Full-body 50 minutes workouts are posted daily on their Instagram account.

Couch to 5k – Guided running exercises designed to get you moving.


Museums – Famous museums you can virtually tour.

Google Arts and Culture – Variety of free museums tours and other activities.

Georgia Aquarium – Free video tours of the Georgia aquarium.

Sofa Singers– Join a free at home choir via Zoom.

Panda Cam – View the Pandas at the National Zoo.

Burrowing Owls – View of Owls at the San Diego Zoo.

Lion Cam – Live camera of lions at the National Zoo.

BroadwayHD – 7 Day free trial to watch your favorite broadway shows.


Milk Street Cooking School – Free cooking demonstrations


Duolingo – A free website for learning a new language.

Mental Health:

A Free Guided Meditation – Isha Kriya: Sadhgur free guided meditation.

Ten Percent Happier Live Series – Five interviews with experts that begin with short meditations

Acts of Kindness – In times like these, it’s important to remember that good things are happening all around the world.

Vacation Destination Live Streams – Live streams from popular vacation destinations around the world.

For Parents:

Kid-friendly activities to do with kids while they are home.

Bedtime Lullaby Orchestra – The Arkansas Orchestra performs bedtime lullabies every night on Facebook.

Send us your favorite free at-home activities to [email protected] and we will add them to this list. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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