My Weight Live Podcast: Women’s Health and Weight

The My Weight– What To Know podcast covers all aspects of what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. We talk to psychologists, dietitians and physicians about strategies and treatments available for reaching our best weight in a sustainable way.

Episode description:

Menopause, PCOS and pregnancy… being a woman can affect our weight more than we might think. Dr. Sasha High answers all of our questions about women’s health and how to reach a healthier weight.

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Five Takeaways from this episode:

1. Many outside factors can affect women and their weight – hormonal factors (like PCOS), medications for contraception & fertility, menopause, aging, emotional eating, and more. Exercise, especially resistance and strength work, can help women maintain weight loss over time & increase lean muscle mass despite these factors.

2. Eating behaviors can be driven by deeper, subconscious parts of the brain. One thing that can touch these parts is medication, so for some people, this may be necessary for weight loss.

3. Menopause can cause a change in body fat distribution to lean more toward the central body area (around the belly). This contributes to increased cardiovascular disease.

4. If you suspect you may have PCOS, an issue for many women, it warrants a conversation with your doctor, blood testing, ultrasound testing, or consultations with other doctors. Treatment focuses on your specific complications, such as acne, insulin resistance, excess hair growth, and more.

5.  A disrupted sleeping pattern can affect our hormones which can lead to weight gain, restraint to cravings, insulin resistance and more. This shows the importance of sleep consistency.

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