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Four Tips For Staying On Track During The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of year! While the true meaning of the holidays and spending time with family & friends is priority, delicious food is also the center of attention. Balance and moderation is key in these winter months. While visions of sugar plums, gingerbread, latkes, and yule logs dance in our heads, keep these four tips in mind to help you stick with healthy eating habits during the holidays while still enjoying all of the festive foods you love.

Tip #1: Focus on what you love.

Is it the pie? The sweet potato casserole? Grandma’s chocolate truffles? If there are many yummy foods at the holiday buffet, choose one or two to enjoy. Have a balanced serving that won’t make you feel overstuffed. If baking is what you love, share the love by offering to do baking for others, and giving leftovers away to friends and family as gifts.

Tip #2: Pick a perfect portion.

You’ve heard that “good things come in small packages.” It’s the same with food! To help make portion sizes easier, make your treats bite-size. Try using mini-muffin cups for baking, make cookies half-size, or portion out your favorite holiday nut/snack mix in single-serving bags. Remember, smaller portions apply to beverages, too – try using a smaller glass for holiday spirits.

Tip #3: Eat mindfully.

How we eat is as important as what we eat. Pay attention to feelings of hunger when grabbing a snack or making your plate at dinner. Eat slowly and savor every bite of the holiday food. Think of the memories you’ve had with these festive foods over the years. Being mindful & paying attention to what you eat will allow you to experience enjoyment from the food, and ensure you don’t overeat.

Tip #4: If you fall off track, begin again slowly.

Too often, we beat ourselves up when we eat too much or don’t meet the goals we set for ourselves. Don’t feel guilt or shame. Just move on – slow and steady. Remind yourself of your “why” – why are you working hard to keep your healthy habits? Is it your kids, grandkids, your long-term health? Don’t wait for the New Year to start eating better, exercising more, or seeking out help from your doctor… start now. Enjoy the holidays AND the foods you love, while keeping your healthy habits a priority.

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