My Weight Live: Medical Treatments for Weight Management

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People who work with a healthcare professional lose 5x as much weight as those who don’t. Toronto-based specialist Dr. Anil Maheshwari joined us to talk about how medical treatments can make the difference for many people trying to reach a healthier weight…

Can’t watch the show, but want to know a summary? Read our five takeaways below:

  • There is no shame in asking for your physician for help with reaching a healthier weight. Most people cannot successfully lose weight and keep it off with diet and exercise alone. Therefore, asking for help from a medical professional is an important step on the journey for many people.
  • To be successful with weight loss, you must make changes you can sustain over a long period of time, such as twenty to thirty years.
  • Weight loss & dieting drive hormonal changes that increase hunger and decrease fullness. Medications counteract those hormones, allowing you to feel full for longer and keep weight off.
  • Weight loss medications are not a “magic bullet.” They will support your efforts and assist with sustained weight loss, but it’s still important to get physical activity, eat a nutritious & balanced diet, get enough sleep and manage stress.
  • Your weight is not your fault. If your weight loss efforts are not producing the results you want, it is not because you don’t have enough willpower. Unfortunately, our bodies’ physiological response to weight loss can overcome our hard work.

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