My Weight Live: Preventing Weight Regain

Weight expert & endocrinologist Dr. Akshay Jain joined us on My Weight Live to chat about how to prevent weight regain, dealing with cravings, and how our brain impacts our weight. Watch the interview here:

Read our main takeaways from the show here:

  1. Around 90% of people who have lost weight will experience weight regain for a wide variety of reasons.
  2. When intentionally trying to lose weight, the body tends to ramp up hormones that cause hunger and food cravings, as well as cuts down caloric expenditure. So, the body works against one’s effort in losing weight.
  3. Dealing with cravings? Remember the 5 D’s: delay the craving, distract yourself, drink (preferably water!), distance yourself from food, and decide to be aware. Make a deal with yourself to wait and see if you still have the craving in an hour. Distract yourself by partaking in household chores or going for a walk. Try to distance yourself from mindless eating by not being near the fridge at home or the breakroom at work.
  4. Anti-obesity medications can help reduce the chance of weight regain. Talk to your doctor about these treatment options.
  5. Preventing weight regain can help prevent strain on the heart, as weight is one of the biggest risk factors for heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure. Taking preemptive steps will put you in control of your weight and overall health for the long-run.

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