My Weight Live: Advocating for Medical Care

On this episode, we spoke with Dr. Mary Forhan about advocating for ourselves and receiving the medical care we need. Read the six main takeaways from our discussion with Dr. Mary Forhan below…

  1. The term advocacy refers to having a goal to empower change, in this case, on behalf of people living with obesity. The stigma around obesity often keeps people from advocating for themselves. Destigmatizing obesity is crucial to furthering obesity care.
  2. Weight bias is negative beliefs and attitudes about individuals based on their body weight. This can occur in our personal lives, and even in the healthcare setting.
  3. Weight bias negatively impacts an entire community and can compromise the medical care people with obesity receive. Doctors may make false assumptions, over-simplify information, or withhold information from those affected.
  4. Bringing a family member to doctor’s appointments may make it easier for you to advocate for yourself and encourage you to have intimidating conversations (even if they don’t say anything!).
  5. If your current practitioner doesn’t address your concerns appropriately, try to find a new physician who takes you seriously, understands your concerns, and will talk with you about any medical treatments you’re interested in. You can also ask your current doctor to refer you to a physician who specializes in weight management. 
  6. Getting medical help at any point on your weight journey is beneficial! If you’ve been struggling for one year, five years or for as long as you can remember- seeing a physician at any point can truly help.

For many people, diet and exercise alone are not enough to reach a healthier weight. There are now safe and effective non-surgical medical treatments that have been proven to help people be successful over the long-run. Talk to your doctor or check out our physician locator to find a doctor near you who specializes in the medical treatment of weight.

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