My “A-HA” Moment and How It Changed Everything

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Patty Nece remembers the moment when her lifelong struggle with her weight started to change. A little context first though… Patty is an accomplished attorney with the Department of Labor and recipient of the Obesity Action Coalition’s 2015 Barbara Thompson Award for Advocacy. She is bright and engaging, and she has a successful career, meaningful…

Why Virtual Visits Can Mean Better Care For Weight Management

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Many people across Canada are recognizing that managing excess weight is not as simple as just “having more willpower.” In fact, Dr. Sue Pedersen, an obesity specialist in Calgary, says, “diet and exercise alone are not enough for most people living with excess weight.” That’s why seeing a physician and receiving medical treatments can make…

My Weight Live: Getting The Treatments We Need

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What happens when we talk to our doctor about weight? Patient advocate Ian Patton walks us through how to have a productive conversation with our doctor AND advocate to get the care and treatments that we need to reach our best weight. Inspiring and informative! For more episodes of My Weight Live, click here. To find…