How Stress Can Impact Weight… And What To Do About It

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By Madeleine Ortiz Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge or demand, and in the short term, stress is actually beneficial. It keeps us alert in dangerous situations, helps us stay focused when we have to finish something by a deadline and, according to Dr. Michael Lyon, is even the reason most of us…

Emotional Hunger Vs Physical Hunger

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During stressful times, many of us are more likely to overeat to manage feelings of anxiety or uncertainty or even boredom. This can lead to feelings of guilt and shame, and some of us beat ourselves up… It’s time for a new approach. The first step for learning to manage this kind of eating is…

Tools for Stress Management

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By: Madeleine Ortiz STRESS.. We see, hear and feel this word all the time… and according to health psychologist Dr. Michael Vallis, it’s contributing to weight gain, heart disease and overall less self care. Though it might not be avoidable, it is manageable, and stress management techniques, says Dr. Vallis, should be a fundamental part…