4 Ways To Conquer Habit Hunger

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By Madeleine Ortiz Being a creature of habit can sometimes be a good thing. We buckle up our seat belts without giving it a second thought, take our dogs for a walk at the same time every morning and always wash our hands before sitting down for a meal. But when it comes to snacking,…

Conquering Habit Hunger!

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Psychologist Dr. Paul Davidson shares GREAT practical suggestions for managing emotional and stress eating, gives easy healthy substitutes for common trigger foods and talks about what people who are successful with managing their weight have in common. For more information on  different types of hunger, check out this chart: In this video, Dr. Davidson mentions…

What To Know About Weight And Hormones

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By Madeleine Ortiz Anyone who has ever been on a diet has probably experienced the moment when the weight loss begins to slow, but hunger really increases. The scale was dropping and everything was feeling good, but then, even though our diet hasn’t changed, our weight plateaus and the constant hunger feels impossible to resist.…