A Physician Who’s Changing The Way Canadians Think About Weight

When Dr. Tasneem Sajwani talks about her patients and their struggles with weight management, she often slips into saying “we.” That’s because she herself has struggled with weight her entire life and knows the challenges firsthand. “I guess my first diet was at the age of three,” Dr. Sajwani, an Edmonton specialist in obesity treatment,…
Theresa with husband Mark, Christmas Eve 2021 by SHEKINAH LIM PHOTOGRAPHY

Why One Canadian Woman Gave Up On Dieting

By: Maria Fleet Theresa Hopper is a 56-year-old engaging church administrator in Red Deer, Alberta. She’s been married for 36 years and has three grown daughters, but one of the most defining aspects of her life, she says, is that she has spent it in a power struggle with food.  She grew up with two…

Choosing Life: How Reneé Reached A Healthier Weight

Twenty years ago, a physician told Reneé Rawls that she had to choose between life and death. She had scheduled an appointment to talk about pain she was experiencing in her back and legs. When she was weighed, the scale showed 527 pounds, and she was shocked. She immediately asked the doctor, “What can I…