Ten Tips to Calm Cravings!

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By Melinda Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDCES Everyone’s had the experience of working so hard to eat better– smaller portions.  More fruits and veggies. But there are times when you are just craving something specific to eat.  Usually it’s something sweet or salty. Your inner voices are driving you crazy taunting you with “Go ahead,  you…

Four Things to Know About Meal Replacements

Is it true that drinking a shake instead of having a meal is a quick way to lose weight? Is it safe? There are many different products on the market designed to help people lose weight. Meal replacements (usually shakes or snack bars) are developed to be low in calories, but high in protein and…

Easy Healthy Mexican Recipes

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By Melinda Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDCES Black Bean Soup This hearty black bean soup includes extra veggies to increase the fiber as well as some chicken so you get a boost of protein –both the fiber and the protein will keep you feeling full longer.  Yield: Serving size:  Calories: Carbs: Protein: Fat: 7 1 cup…
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Holiday Baking Recipes + Tips

View the wonderful collection of delicious baking recipes + tips our dietitian created for us by clicking the image below! To find a physician near you who specializes in weight management, click here. To sign up for our free online class that covers the basics of how to reach a healthier weight, click here.

Tips for a Healthy Halloween

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By Melinda Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDCES Halloween has turned into a whole season of temptations, not just a single night, and it can be really hard for anyone who’s trying to eat healthier. Here are a few tips and tricks to help manage the treats. Wait to buy candy. Plan to buy the treats you…

The Best Thing To Eat For Weight and Health

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By Melinda Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDCES There’s one thing that dietitians, doctors and experts everywhere agree on – if someone wants to improve their diet and their health, they should eat more fiber! Though not glamorous or trendy, many studies have found fiber to be a key component of a healthy life. In fact, the…

What’s The Best Choice?

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By Melinda Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDCES As a dietitian, I am often asked, “What’s the best __ (bread, crackers, cereal, you name it!) for me to eat?” While there is no “best,” I want to offer you some “good-for-you” selections – and share some tips that will help you judge a food for yourself. A…