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Weight Management – It’s All About the Planning!

By Maria Fleet When it comes to weight management, if we want to be successful, we can’t wing it or improvise on our own. Dr. Dawn Smiley-Byrd, an endocrinologist who practices in and around Atlanta, GA, says it’s important to have a solid plan – one worked out with a doctor, and revised as time…

8 Habits That Make Reaching A Healthy Weight ACHIEVABLE


Dr. Sasha High, medical director of the High Metabolic Clinic in Ontario, has worked with hundreds of people who are trying to improve their health and reach a healthier weight. Along the way, she’s learned a lot about what helps people succeed. Here are eight of her favorite tips for creating the habits that make…

7 Tips for Talking to A Doctor About Weight

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We asked several physicians who specialize in treating obesity and excess weight how they would recommend talking to our family physician about reaching a healthier weight. Here were their suggestions: Educate yourself first. Before you start the conversation, it’s important to learn why the Canadian Medical Association and the World Health Organization have declared that…

Ten Tips to Calm Cravings!

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By Melinda Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDCES Everyone’s had the experience of working so hard to eat better– smaller portions.  More fruits and veggies. But there are times when you are just craving something specific to eat.  Usually it’s something sweet or salty. Your inner voices are driving you crazy taunting you with “Go ahead,  you…

My Weight Live: Reaching Our Best Weight

Did you miss our episode on how to reach your best weight? Read the 5 main takeaways from our discussion with Dr. Yoni Freedhoff below… Best weight is whatever weight you reach while living the healthiest life you honestly enjoy. You couldn’t happily eat less or happily exercise more, and whatever your weight falls at,…