My Weight Live: Metabolism, Menopause, and More

Learn how metabolism works, whether it’s possible to “boost” it, and get tips you’ll actually use for managing emotional eating on this episode of My Weight Live with weight expert Dr. Shahebina Walji. Watch here:

Read the main takeaways from the show here:

  1. The three components of metabolism are:
    1. Resting metabolism = the minimum amount of calories burned while the body is at rest to keep us alive
    2. Thermogenic effect of food = calories burned while digesting food & absorbing nutrients
    3. Thermic effect of physical activity = calories burned from movement
  2. Metabolism is affected by many different factors including height, weight, medication, diet, and age. Typically, as we age, our metabolism efficiency reduces. 
  3. Oftentimes, a person’s biology can hinder them from losing weight, making it difficult and nearly impossible to manage a healthy weight on their own. In these cases, diet and physical activity aren’t enough for weight loss, and other medical treatments need to be utilized. 
  4. Weight loss can appear to be more “easy” or “difficult” for men (versus women) because of their body composition. Males have more muscle tissue and bone mass – a type of tissue that is metabolically active. Women tend to have more fat tissue, which burns two to three times less calories.
  5. Emotional eating is something many of us experience – the use of food as a coping mechanism for strong emotions. Although it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can grow to become a negative behavior that interferes with our quality of life. That is why it is important to have a healthy daytime eating pattern to prevent emotional eating that may occur at night. Ensure you are eating enough during the day!

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