Theresa with husband Mark, Christmas Eve 2021 by SHEKINAH LIM PHOTOGRAPHY

Why One Canadian Woman Gave Up On Dieting

By: Maria Fleet Theresa Hopper is a 56-year-old engaging church administrator in Red Deer, Alberta. She’s been married for 36 years and has three grown daughters, but one of the most defining aspects of her life, she says, is that she has spent it in a power struggle with food.  She grew up with two…
Corey on an ATV with puppy

Carrying The Weight Is Hard, Carrying The Judgment Is Harder.

Corey Van’t Haaff will tell you straight out she’s “fat.” She’s also a writer, an unabashed dog-lover, an administrative adjudicator, and an accomplished cook. Corey owns her weight like she owns everything else – she is confident and outspoken, and she thinks the word “fat” is a perfectly good descriptor of her size. She also…