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By Melinda Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDCES

There is an old Chinese proverb, “There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.” No matter which route you choose to get there – the scenic path through the forest, the rugged climb up over boulders, or even if you have to take a lot of detours– the rewards at the top are the same for everyone. There is no “right” way and there’s no best way. There are simply different ways.  

The same can be said for the weight loss journey. We can spend a lot of time and energy trying to find the ‘best” way to lose weight.The fastest way to lose weight. The easiest way. The right way. The list goes on – and there are certainly no lack of advertisers, influencers and well-meaning people in our lives trying to direct us to what they think is the best/fastest/easiest or right way. As you continue on the journey to reach your best weight – keep in mind these truths:

There are many different paths to success.  A big reason why there are so many approaches to weight loss is that there is no one path that works for everyone. For example, some people do better with tracking calories while others do better with a structured approach using a meal replacement for one or two meals a day. Still other folks  do better limiting their eating to certain times of the day or by completely avoiding certain foods such as ultra-processed foods or sweets. The key thing to know here is that If you try one plan and it doesn’t work, try another.

You have to find the path that works for you. Just because a certain approach or diet worked for your friend or your sister or a celebrity spokesperson on TV, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Everyone is different.  

The road is not a straight line. Recognize that there will be good days, and then other days that are harder. There will be bumps, barriers and detours that have to be navigated. The important part – is to keep on going and don’t let the obstacles get you too far off-course. As psychologist Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley says, “the key is how quickly we can get back on the wagon.” 

Discovering what does not work is a step forward. Maybe you start something with great intention, such as logging everything you eat into a food app or planning to drink a chocolate shake every day at lunch and you discover that it’s much harder than you had expected. Don’t beat yourself up –acknowledge instead that you learned something important about yourself.  Sometimes it means the goal you set for yourself was too difficult. For example, instead of logging every meal, can you just log the largest meal of the day?  Or just your snacks? Or instead of aiming to have a shake or every lunch – what about 2-3 times a week? Other times, the goal you set for yourself just wasn’t right for your specific life situation. Maybe lunch is the one time you have to decompress from the work day and you want to enjoy a meal. In that case, having a shake for breakfast might be a better fit.

Keep a can-do attitude. Find the positive – and don’t dwell on the negative. Focus on what is going well – what you ARE able to accomplish – no matter how small. When you start to hear negative self-talk chattering in your mind, (I’m no good at this….I’m just a failure at sticking to a diet…..I can’t do anything right) – work to replace those words with something positive and focus on what you are doing right even if it means resetting your goals. (For example, I didn’t get an hour walk in, but I did walk for 20 minutes, and I’m proud of that. I didn’t skip the ice cream at the party as I’d planned, but I only had a small amount – which I’m happy about!)

Have trusted guides. Whether it’s a doctor who specializes in weight management or an experienced dietitian or the resources in this community, turn to experts you can trust for reliable information. It’s too easy to get off track (and even get lost!) – so having trustworthy, reliable and trained medical experts and coaches really helps. Also hearing from trusted experts about the many different approaches that are available can help you find the path that is going to work for YOU.

In short, there are many different approaches that can help someone reach a healthier weight—it’s a matter of staying patient, being kind to yourself and finding the path that is right for you. For more about that, watch the Facebook Live episode below with Dr. Michael Vallis:

“There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take.  The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.”    Hindu Proverb. 

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