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My Weight Live- Chat! Join us in the My Weight- What To Know living room– we’ll be talking about how to stay on track and still really enjoy the holidays. Get support and encouragement from Ansley and other viewers in the comments!

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My Weight Live is a fact-filled half hour of experts answering your questions about weight loss. Our episodes cover everything from emotional eating to healthy snacking… get smarter and healthier today!

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Past Episodes

Debunking Weight Loss Myths

Dr. Judy Shiau has spent a long time researching and treating excess weight and obesity – and that’s why she’s no stranger to hearing things like weight loss is about eating less and exercising more, medications won’t work everyone or that bariatric surgery is taking the easy way out. But, a lot of what she hears are just myths! Learn what’s science and what’s just hearsay on My Weight Live: Debunking Treatment Myths.

Food Fads and Nutrition: Fact vs. Fiction

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Can apple cider vinegar aid weight loss? Is a detox worth the pricetag? A dietitian tackles these questions and more popular food fads on tonight’s episode of My Weight Live : Fact vs. Fiction.

Keeping the Weight Off For Good

Anyone who has lost weight and tried to keep it off knows that weight maintenance is often easier said than done. Luckily, weight loss expert, Dr. Sean Wharton is sharing his best advice on keeping weight off for good on this episode of My Weight Live.

Getting the Treatments We Need

Advocating for ourselves in the doctor’s office can be critical for good health, especially for people living with excess weight. Patient advocate Ian Patton shares his experiences and guidance on how to get the best medical care and the treatments we need on this episode of My Weight Live.

My Weight Live: Women’s Health and Weight 

Physician Dr. Sasha High talks about women’s health issues and the tools available to reach our best weight

My Weight Live: How Conquer Habit Hunger

Psychologist Dr. Paul Davidson discusses strategies for dealing with emotional eating, and also shares tips for how to manage “habit hunger”! 

My Weight Live: How Hormones Impact Weight

Physician Dr. Shahebina Walji talks about how hormones can impact our weight

My Weight Live: Managing Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a challenge for so many of us– we talk with therapist Katie Raskin about how we can heal our relationship with food on this fantastic episode of My Weight Live.

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