Season 2

The My Weight– What To Know podcast covers all aspects of what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. We talk to psychologists, dietitians and physicians about strategies and treatments available for reaching our best weight in a sustainable way.

The brain plays a big role in determining when and why we eat. In this fabulous episode, endocrinologist Dr. Domenica Rubino explains why our body fights back against weight loss, how we can use this knowledge to prevent weight regain, and why when it comes to sustainable weight loss, having more willpower just isn’t the answer!

For many people, it takes more than just diet and exercise alone to reach a healthier weight. We’re talking with patient ambassador Patty Nece about how finding the right doctor and getting treatment changed her life and medical expert Dr. Ken Fujioka shares the latest advances in the field of obesity treatment.

Psychologist Dr. Paul Davidson shares practical suggestions for managing emotional and stress eating, gives easy healthy substitutes for common trigger foods, and talks about what all people who’ve had weight loss success have in common.

Menopause, PCOS and pregnancy… being a woman can affect our weight more than we might think. Dr. Sasha High answers all of our questions about women’s health and how to reach a healthier weight.

Weight management expert Dr. Shahebina Walji shares how hormones can affect our weight and what we can do about it…

Medical expert Dr. Sean Wharton covers how to prevent weight re-gain, how to plan ahead to minimize cravings & the psychological and medical treatments available for obesity!

Emotional eating is a challenge for so many of us. We talk with therapist Katie Raskin about how we can heal our relationship with food!

Season 1

Emotional eating is a challenge for many people–so we talk with therapist Katie Raskin about how to make peace with food. (and even the right approach to health for parents and grandparents of overweight kids.)

Dr. Sandy Van talks about how CBT is a tool that can help us live our healthiest life. In this episode she covers the four-step process of cognitive behavioral therapy and how to apply it to thoughts that are making us unhappy or driving us to use food in an unhealthy way.
Learn how to deal with cravings, make peace with food and live your best life in this fabulous interview with Sandra Elia, food addiction counselor and patient advocate!
Dr. Sue Pedersen discusses what scientists now know about the biology of weight and body size and shares what studies show is effective for managing weight over the long-run.
Dr. Terenzi opens up about her own journey with weight and how her experience helps her treat her patients living with excess weight. In this episode, we cover: how to start a conversation about weight with a doctor, why the number on the scale is not anyone’s FAULT, what a “PMR” is and why it is an integral part of every person’s journey with weight and more.

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